About me

Hello and welcome to Gordons Gardens.

My name is Gordon and I’m a retired restauranteur. I have owned and ran restaurants for the last 35 years. I was very lucky to be around some of the greatest chefs around and fortunate enough to learn a thing or two.

My retirement was long overdue, working what seemed endless hours in the restaurant and on the computer at home. I did however feel an emptiness without having the constant pressure of the restaurant upon me. 

In my youth, I remember spending hours with my father Eric tending to his garden and picking the fresh produce. I soon found myself thinking more and more of the garden and the veggie garden and how much I learnt and enjoyed it. I had learnt so much from my father who had a wealth of knowledge from years of gardening and simple landscape design.

So many people now days don’t think they can grow anything, how many times have you heard “oh I can’t grow anything, anything I grow, I kill” or “there is something wrong with my soil, everything dies”. Gardening isn’t hard and you don’t need two green thumbs, thats for sure!

Now that I have the time, my hope is to share some of the things my father taught me and share the passion that I have.